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Series:  Worlds Afire

Of Anchors and Aspirations - Kindle Cove

Of Anchors and Aspirations:


Hunted by a rogue operative on her home world, Johanna Summer is sent away to embark on a new life as a cadet at the Alliance Navy Space Academy.  Her path leads to new friends, new experiences, but does not place her beyond danger as she runs afoul of a rogue group of military thieves while discovering just how far a zealot will go for his cause.


Of Bravery and Bluster - Kindle Book Cov

Of Bravery and Bluster:


Success has followed Johanna Summer and her circle of friends. Now, their time at the Alliance Academy draws near to a close, and they prepare themselves to commence adventurous careers in deep space.  But before they can join the ranks of Navy Officers, they will face one last challenge, spearheaded by those who would tear down the Academy's reputation and aided by one man who will stop at nothing to bring to justice the one he sees as a deviant aberration: Johanna herself.


Of Courage and Chaos - KDP Front Cover.j

Of Courage and Chaos:


Having survived the final trials of the Academy, Johanna and her friends begin their careers amidst the stars as Midshipmen in the Alliance Navy fleet. As they take their first steps, hidden forces continue their work to de-stabilize the very Alliance so many have fought to protect. Their plans will empower a madman, whose murderous attempt to usurp power will incite war for the first time in centuries. The Navy is summoned to stop him, and those ships will carry Johanna and the others right into the heart of the storm.


Of Daring and Devilry - Initial Art Desi

Of Daring and Devilry:


For those who survived the conflict at New Liberty, the galaxy has been forever changed. Nothing had prepared them for the realities of open conflict, and most found themselves unready. Even those who displayed courage cannot ignore that the battle unveiled how centuries of peace have eroded the Navy's fighting edge.

Johanna Summer and her friends try to put the pain they suffered behind them and look toward the future. Their careers are still new, and they still have much to prove. But sweeping change is not kind. It does not wait for people to be ready.

Events have been put into motion that cannot be stopped. War is coming. Once again, all these young officers can do is try and survive lest they be pulled under by the violent currents swirling around them.


Individual Works

Mind's Eye.png

In the Mind's Eye:


After years of isolation, an alien species has declared war on the entire region of known space using frighteningly effective technology capable of ending battles before they even begin. Humanity and a coalition of other races are steadily losing grown, unable to understand or counter the threat. Nakita Umeko, one Terra's best trouble-shooters, has been asked to solve the problem before the aliens cause further chaos. Assembling a team of investigators, analysts and combat experts, Umeko will do everything she can to find a way to communicate with the enemy or destroy them; whatever it takes to save Earth and their allies.


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