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Series:  Keys of the World

The Bitter End - KDP Cover.jpg

The Bitter End:


Mia d'Rein and her brother Kai lived simple, pastoral lives.  In the span of one night, both terror and love swoop in and rip them away from their sleepy existence.  Caught up in events a thousand years in the making, they will join the race for legendary artefacts that have the power to reshape humanity forever.  Evil forces will try and seize those artefacts, forcing the siblings and their friends to embrace a dangerous reality; that they must rise beyond the tragedy and curiosity that tore them from their homes and become something more.

The End is only a Beginning - Front Cove

The End is only a Beginning:


With the artefacts recovered from their long rest, Mia and her friends struggle to recover from what they have lost. But time will not wait. Terrifying and powerful enemies have begun their own hunt for the keys and other artefacts so they can seize the power to bend humanity to their will. The competition grows darker and more bitter with each passing day. They all know the truth; when caught up in the quest where the prize is a chance to forge your species into living gods or unmake them into base animals, the only choice is to risk everything for what you believe.

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The End of Forever:


Details coming soon...

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