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Series: The Devoted

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The Willow Bough that Never Breaks:

Martial Art Cultivation novel:


Details upcoming...


Individual Novels

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Disillusioned by charlatans infesting the games she loves, Arienne risks her reputation as an elite VR gamer by embracing an unknown game developer with an experimental design. At first mesmerized by the advanced technology, Arienne becomes more and more aware that she is playing a far more dangerous game than she first realized. Discovering the true intent of this mysterious game designer  will require trusting her oldest nemesis, then doing something unique in a VR world - risking her actual death on a quest to save the world.


Stand against the Storm - Front

Stand against the Storm:

Derek is one of the elite players for tower defense games in the entire history of the genre. As computer design has advanced, so too has the art, extending into the realm of virtual reality and online competitions.

Crushing the field in his specialty, he is invited to participate in a grand battle between a network of individual champions, defending their honor in a brand new game created specifically for this competition. All of them will be on brand new turf to find out who is the cream of their elite crop.

But the game they enter is not entirely what they believed. The creator has a more dangerous game in mind, one that will test these virtual warriors in a fashion they never anticipated.


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